Venue ( and How to get there


The conference will be hosted using the Gather platform. This is a virtual venue where attendees can interact with each other, look at posters and attend the plenary session via Zoom links.

Registered (and fully paid) participants will be sent the appropriate links shortly before the start of the conference (after the registration deadline on 3rd January).

When you join you will create an avatar and give permission to use your camera and microphone:

Image taken from

From there you will have the option to have a tutorial or enter the SXNS16 venue directly. Navigation is generally intuitive, but further introductory information on the Gather basics is here.

Please note, that there are some requirements on the type of browser that is supported, as explained here.

The Venue

When you join the gathering you will spawn in the main hall. This has various private spaces and the sponsor exhibition. From this main room there are various doors to go to the main auditorium, the posters and even a lounge with some games.

Schematic layout of the virtual conference venue

We plan to record most plenary talks and make these available for viewing after the sessions. These will be in a separate room for each day.