Excursions and Site Tours


Kulturen (full name, Kulturhistoriska föreningen för södra Sverige) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1882 and currently has around 3,500 members. They curate Sweden’s largest collection of cultural objects from southern Sweden. Kulturen in Lund is both an indoor and an open-air museum that features an extensive collection of historic buildings and beautiful gardens spanning two adjoining sites in the heart of Lund.

The conference programme will include an excursion to Kulturens Östarp, which is outside of Lund and is an historic farming environment dating back to the 19th century, featuring buildings, animals and gardens in a heritage landscape.

Photo: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

Site tours

There will be an opportunity to have a site tour for both ESS and MAX IV

Live webcam from ESS construction site
Aerial view of MAX IV with ESS in the distance – photo by Perry Nordeng